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What’s worth saving?

20162868 - moving boxes in empty room

There’s loads of advice for those building a custom home and downsizing in retirement: what to get rid of, how to scale back and so on. But what are the things you should hang onto at all costs when moving in your sunset dream home?


Nothing can replace the vision of your child’s smiling face when they were just a baby, or the shot of the two of you standing outside your starter home. But they can be hard to take to your new home when there are boxes and boxes of photos. Consider putting them in albums, or even on the computer. They’ll take up a fraction of the space on your hard drive but will still be readily available!


Antique dresser from your father? Signed artwork by your great-aunt? These are the kinds of items you cherish forever and they can be difficult to leave behind. If you absolutely must part with these treasures, try to keep them in the family or give them to someone you think is truly deserving.

Crucial documents

Needless to say, birth certificates, Social Security cards, marriage licenses and other important papers need to follow you wherever you go! Consider getting a small, fireproof safe to put them in after you cross the threshold to your forever home!

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