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What’s cookin’ in 2017

45135576 - image of a bright spacious kitchen in modern style

Are you ready to design a custom kitchen with Cedar Ridge Homes? If so, you’ll want only the best for your new cooking space. See what’s getting homeowners fired up this year in the kitchen!

Modern all the way

Gone are the ornate, traditional styles of the aughts and early teens. Sleek and streamlined are the new buzzwords of contemporary kitchen design. Get used to hearing the words “clean lines” and “white cabinets” a lot. The less embellishment on cupboards, lighting, and faucets, the better!

Take it outside

It’s possible that the biggest change to 2017 is not their design but their location. More and more, you’ll see homeowners taking their cooking spaces outside. And these days, it’s more than just a family barbecue. Gourmet ovens, extra sinks and even refrigerators all extend your ability to enjoy meals al fresco in nearly every season!

Green with envy

Green is back, baby! Or, perhaps more accurately, it never really left! Cedar Ridges Homes is happy to announce the trend towards environmentally friendly design is as strong as ever. That’s part of why all homes designed by this company are energy-star rated!

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