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Moving without the madness


Certain things in life are almost guaranteed to drive you crazy. Waiting in line at the post office, for instance. Raising teenagers. And sometimes, moving to a new house – especially to a smaller one. But it doesn’t have to be that way, at least where that last one is concerned. Here are several stress-free ways to downsize your home.


Go ahead – set a fire. Not literally. Just in your mind. Pretend your house is burning down. Quick — what would you take? Pretend the kids, grandkids, animals and everyone living is safe. Same with crucial documents and electronics like birth certificate, phones, laptops, et cetera. We’re just talking stuff here. Although you’re obviously not going to light up your house just to move (one hopes!) it’s a fast way to make your priorities crystal clear.

Make a list

A second stress-free approach to moving takes a bit longer than the first way but can be just as enlightening. Make an inventory of everything you own. Yes, everything. This includes any duplicates as well as clothes and furniture you haven’t used in years. Sometimes, seeing everything in black and white makes you realize just how much you can live without.

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