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It takes two

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Are you an “uno” who’s about to become a “duo?” Maybe you’re moving into your custom home from Cedar Ridge as a young newlywed. Or perhaps you’re someone who found love late in life. Whatever the case, you’re now in the position of combining possessions. Don’t let cohabitation turn into a battle of wills. Here’s how to move in together – without duking it out.

Become one

You’re about to live under one roof with the one you love. That means you only need “one” of most things – a large saucepan, a family-sized couch, et cetera. Looking for a rule to make “which one is the one” easy? Here it is: Unless it clashes horribly with the rest of the décor, the one in better condition stays, period.


Simply put, the best way to make sure you have room for all the things you absolutely can’t get rid of is to build a custom home. With clever storage solutions crafted just for the two of you, you may be able to keep more than you thought. Plus, you can both get the house you’ve been dreaming of. Now that’s a match made in heaven!

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