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How to make a house feel like home


You were all excited about your new construction build from Cedar Ridge Homes, but now that feeling has given way to despair. How do you inject life into what seems like cold and empty rooms? Don’t worry – constructing the new home was the hard part. Now comes the fun!


Nothing changes the look of a room like a fresh coat of color. So the creamy neutrals the builder put up aren’t your taste? Swap them out for sunny yellow, Caribbean green or whatever else your heart desires!

Positively you

Personalize your space by making sure there is plenty of you in there, portrayed in the most positive light. Put art you’ve made on the walls, awards you’ve won on the shelves. Announce to all who enter that this house is yours!

Picture perfect

What do you never see in staged homes? That’s right: family photographs. Oh sure, there may be paintings of sunsets and fruit bowls, or occasionally, the photogenic models that came with the picture frame. But actual images of living, breathing people screams to potential buyers, “Someone already lives here!” Get the same lived-in feeling in your new home by adding relatives to the wall, pronto!

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