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How to declutter a home

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When you’re having a builder custom-make your dream home for retirement, you know all the stuff in your 4,000-plus house ain’t gonna fit.

But how can you part with things that have meant so much to you over the years?

Give to relatives

If you have a lot of things you cherish but no space for them, consider gifting them to family and friends. Sometimes, it makes you feel better to know that important items are “still in the family.” Plus, when you visit your relatives’ houses, you’ll be able to see the items all over again!

Donate to charity

One surefire way to cut down on clutter and make a difference is donating your excess to charity. That old dresser you can’t find a spot for will be much appreciated by a person just starting out or someone who’s down on their luck.

Make a photo album

Sometimes, it’s not about having the possessions so much as it is about seeing them. And for that, a photo album is ideal. Take snapshots of your favorite furniture, bric-a-brac and similar items and create memories that will fit perfectly into your new, smaller home.

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