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Get ‘em while they’re hot!

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Studies have shown that twice as many home-buyers prefer new construction to existing construction. Read on to find out why!

That “new home” smell

Nothing can replace the fresh, clean feeling of being the first to walk on the carpet, cook on the stove, visit the … er … “facilities!” The paint is fresh, the scratches and dings are absent, and nothing has been mucked or messed up yet. To some homebuyers, it’s not truly new unless it’s never been lived in!

No more money pit

Even the most well-constructed home was built within the limits of its time and technology. In addition, everything that’s built to last will one day need to be repaired or replaced. Nothing is forever, and certainly not the HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems of a home. Even homes built 10 or 20 years ago did not have access to the superior methods used today – and are more likely to need expensive upgrades in the future.

You have your weekends back

Everybody knows that summer weekends are for having fun – not for sweating through home projects! Get your weekends back instead of spending them on home repair tasks, or running back and forth from the local home improvement store!

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