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Get a move on

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Let’s face it: Moving is a pain. You never hear the words, “Remember when we moved into our new house? Wasn’t that fun?” Okay, so having a great time moving isn’t in the cards. But it doesn’t have to be like passing a kidney stone, either. Here, we show you a few tricks of the trade from Cedar Ridge Homes to make sure you have a “smooth move”!

Hire a professional

Unless it’s a small move (a dozen boxes, for instance), you’re better off hiring professionals rather than attempting to move by yourself or with a few friends. You’re likely to get the job done quicker and with less hassle. If you and your buddies don’t lift heavy things regularly, you run the risk of injury. And if someone is hurt on your property, you could be held liable. Reputable movers, on the other hand, will likely be insured.

Label, label, label

Label everything – every box, every bag. Never assume you will remember what you put in a container you can’t easily open. Yes, if you promise yourself you will remember, you won’t. The stress and last-minute details of the move will get to you, killing off any brain cells you had reserved solely for your short-term memory.

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