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First-timer furnishings done right


You just spent all your money on a down payment, moving costs and closings costs (but hey, at least you managed to get the house you wanted custom built by Cedar Ridge Homes)! No way you have extra left over for luxuries like furniture and decorations. Or do you?

Buy less

One obvious solution to enhancing your space on the cheap is just to buy less. One end table instead of two, for instance. And do you really need 10 chairs in the living room when guests only come over once a month? By buying one quality piece at time, when you can afford it, you’ll soon have a house full of things you love.

Get crafty

Why spend thousands of dollars on new furniture when you can get flea market finds for a few hundred? After that, make the craft store your friend. A coat of paint, wood finish or new ticking will make old items look like new again.


Don’t be ashamed to ask friends and relatives if they have gently used cast-offs they want to get rid of. You never know when they might be upgrading their furniture – which means you can, too!

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