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Get ‘em while they’re hot!

Studies have shown that twice as many home-buyers prefer new construction to existing construction. Read on to find out why! That “new home” smell Nothing can replace the fresh, clean feeling of being the first to walk on the carpet, cook on ...


Get a move on

Let’s face it: Moving is a pain. You never hear the words, “Remember when we moved into our new house? Wasn’t that fun?” Okay, so having a great time moving isn’t in the cards. But it doesn’t have to be ...


It takes two

Are you an “uno” who’s about to become a “duo?” Maybe you’re moving into your custom home from Cedar Ridge as a young newlywed. Or perhaps you’re someone who found love late in life. Whatever the case, you’re now in ...


Why you have trouble letting go

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to get rid of stuff when you change homes, even when you know you won’t use most of it? Read on to find out! Insurance Do you tend to keep old items around because one day ...


Moving without the madness

Certain things in life are almost guaranteed to drive you crazy. Waiting in line at the post office, for instance. Raising teenagers. And sometimes, moving to a new house – especially to a smaller one. But it doesn’t have to ...


How to make a house feel like home

You were all excited about your new construction build from Cedar Ridge Homes, but now that feeling has given way to despair. How do you inject life into what seems like cold and empty rooms? Don’t worry – constructing the ...


What’s cookin’ in 2017

Are you ready to design a custom kitchen with Cedar Ridge Homes? If so, you’ll want only the best for your new cooking space. See what’s getting homeowners fired up this year in the kitchen! Modern all the way Gone are the ...


Should you stay or should you go?

Any feelings you have when watching your children drive off to college are completely normal. Perhaps you’re a bit down because they’re leaving. Perhaps you’re elated to get on with this next chapter in your life. Regardless, the time has ...


Financing your new home in retirement

If you’re one of the many seniors who’s looking to build a new, smaller home, you may be wondering how you’re going to pay for it. Read on to find out about your options! Sell your old home You probably already know ...


Why buy new construction

Some things are just better made from scratch. A freshly baked apple pie, a homemade quilt … oh, yes – and your entire house. Read on to see some of the benefits of building a home from scratch. Newer house, fewer ...