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Add your personality to your kitchen

36951394_LYour kitchen is arguably the most important room in your house. So why not add some personality to such an important room? When it comes to your kitchen, there are lots of great ways you can add color and character without going overboard. Here are a few of our favorites:

Your backsplash is traditionally the best way to add a unique color or pattern to your kitchen. You can choose to go bold with a deep color or fancy with an eye-catching pattern.

Light fixtures
Light fixtures are one of our favorite ways to get creative with kitchen décor. You can really set the tone of your kitchen by using different styles of lighting. And light fixtures aren’t usually over-the-top.

A lot of people tend to go pretty neutral with cabinet colors. After all, your cabinets will cover a majority of the space in your kitchen. But if you want to do something unique, why not go for a less popular cabinet color or design? You can also consider adding unique knobs for your cabinets if color is too risky.

Your floor doesn’t have to be dull and easy to overlook. Your kitchen floor is going to get a lot of use, so you might as well pick something that you’re really going to love. And if you love something a little different than your regular kitchen floor, it may be worth trying.

The best thing about building your own home is that you can create your dream kitchen based on your own personality. And we can help you do just that! Contact us at Cedar Ridge Homes to get started on your dream kitchen today!

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